The Perfect Solution for Organizations that Serve Children & Families

Why is it good?

In FamilyTrac child and family demographics are shared across programs and are easily accessed by all who need this information. So, you collect data once each time it is updated it everyone see’s the most current information. FamilyTrac helps you organize your day by presenting a clear view of your upcoming work. Managers are able to track program activity as well as manage time-lines and productivity. Reporting shows trends and provides program status to funding sources.

When you log in you are presented with a dashboard that helps you organize your daily tasks by displaying families and children that need attention today. The dashboard is organized according to the daily workflow of your program. This is where you can sort and filter your work and finally select an appropriate task.

FamilyTrac can be tailored to the specific needs of your organization. We spend time with you to understand your protocols and work-flows. Then we configure FamilyTrac to align exactly with your program. And FamilyTrac is fluid, meaning that it can be changed as data collection and tracking needs change.